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Water Recreation and Education

PaddleSports day with students

Merced River Events

EMRCD hosts sports and clean-up day events on the Lower Merced River. The scenic Merced River offers family and friends an opportunity to relax and escape and enjoy a the great outdoors. During paddling, season river currents are gentle enough for beginners.

We have certified instructors that turn an ordinary outing into an educational and exciting adventure. These Merced River and water sport projects are a great choice for schools, churches, youth, community and scout groups.

Past Projects

Instructional Programs

Learn how to paddle by taking an instructional class! The Stewardship Program offers basic kayaking and standup paddling classes this year at Henderson Park. Each person learns water safety, strokes, rescues and participate in games and races. Kayak classes are designed to prepare you to take a river trip.

We arrange special classes for groups and private classes for individuals. Contact us to plan a class.

River Tours

Use your kayaking skills to take a river trip this year! The Stewardship Program offers trips on the Merced River during the summer from Shaffer Bridge to McConnell Park. The earth is 3/4 water so don't limit yourself to just 1/4 of the fun!

We arrange special trips for groups and private trips for individuals. Contact us to plan trips.

Paddle with the Salmon

Paddle with the Salmon on the Merced River. The Stewardship Program sponsored a series of expeditions that will allow you to experience one of nature's miracles, the return of the salmon. The event includes paddling a 3-mile stretch of the Merced River from Shaffer Bridge to Cressy Bridge. Interpretation is provided throughout the trip so you will learn a whole lot about salmon and the unique riparian ecosystem that supports them.

No paddling experience? No problem! Stable canoes, single and tandem sit on top kayaks are used. We also provide instruction before your trip. Certified guides accompany you on your trip.

Educational Takeaway

Learn more about Merced River and the benefits of water ecosystems!

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