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federal links, tools, and programs for national and state conservation and environmental services 

List of Common Federal and National Programs and Resources

advancing laws, policy, funding, and public acceptance of recycled water
Water Education Foundation
collaboration, education and outreach on water resources in california
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
protection and enhancement of nation's oceans resources and their habitat
U.S.G.S National Water Quality Assessment
water quality assessment
U.S.G.S groundwater Atlas of California
Coastal-Basin Aquifer Atlas of California
U.S.G.S San Francisco Bay Studies
Bay Estuary Priority Ecosystem Study
U.S.G.S Water Resources of California
information system for water in california
U.S. Geological Survey
natural science expertise and its vast earth and biological data holdings.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Endangered Species
protection and conservation of endangered species
U.S. Fish and Wildlife
conservation, protection, and enhancement of fish, wildlife and plants, and their habitat
EPA Surf Your Watershed Tool
collection of watershed information
Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water
ensures safe drinking water
The U.S. Society for Irrigation and Drainage Professionals
irrigation, drainage, and flood control
Bureau of Reclamation Central Valley Project
protection, restoration, and enhancement of fish and wildlife
Bureau of Reclamation Mid-Pacific Region
Valley Fish Habitat Restoration
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