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Resource Conservation District Executive Director

See EMRCD District Manager Job Description document below

Executive Director –– JOB DESCRIPTION


  • Working Title: Executive Director

  • Job Status: Full-Time (40 hours), or Part-Time (20 Hours) exempt

  • Compensation: $50,000 - $85,000 annual full time  

  • Work Location: NRCS District Office, Merced, CA

  • Eligible for Overtime Pay: No

  • Benefits: Please see our employee benefits summary for details



The East Merced Resource Conservation District (RCD) Executive Director is passionate about natural resource conservation, agriculture, urban and rural land use, and our environment, and has the skills to inspire, motivate, and align the staff and board toward common goals and strategies in fulfillment of the District’s mission. The Executive Director is responsible for representation of the District, conservation program and work plan development, organizational, personnel, and fiscal management, and board development and support. The Executive Director reports to the five-member East Merced RCD Board of Directors.





    • Represent and promote the work of the District to the public and partner organizations.

    • Coordinate with staff and board members to ensure that the District’s relationships with partners and community organizations are maintained and that the District is represented in important and relevant collaborations.

    • Initiate and take the lead on key or strategic initiatives with outside organizations on issues such as climate change, ground and surface water management, protection of rare and declining habitats and beneficial species, soil conservation, air quality, energy savings and carbon sequestration. 

    • As needed and appropriate, serve as the primary contact with members of the press and the public.


    • Work with the board, staff, and outside partners, as appropriate, to develop, update, and maintain accountability for implementation of the District’s Long Range Business Plan, annual work plans, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goals, and performance measures.

    • Lead special projects and strategic initiatives consistent with the District’s Long Range Business Plan.

    • Work with staff to identify ways to strengthen existing partnerships and create new partnerships to implement conservation practices and fulfill the District’s mission.

    • Work with staff to propose and formulate policy and other solutions to address local conservation challenges.

    • Work with staff to pursue grants and provide letters of support for partner initiatives that match identified strategic directions.

    • Ensure the District meets all local, state, and federal personnel and safety laws and all other legal obligations.

    • Develop, maintain, and ensure adherence to policies that ensure appropriate risk management, transparency, and responsiveness to the public.

    • Guide the themes and development of District events (including the annual work group meeting), reports, and newsletters prepared by Communications & Outreach Manager.

    • Ensure that funder reporting requirements are met; assist staff (if needed) with completing program reports.

    • Lead the District on diversity, equity, and inclusion of current practices and ongoing initiatives.

    • Identify ways to strengthen organizational capacity and effectiveness.

    • Have a proactive approach and take initiative on tasks.

    • Work with external legal counsel and other advisors as needed related to District operations and external projects.

    • Other tasks as directed by the Board of Directors.


    • Supervise, manage, and motivate staff members.

    • Keep staff informed, give timely and specific feedback regarding job performance (including annual performance reviews), ensure training needs are met, and hold self and staff accountable.

    • Oversee recruitment, selection, and orientation of new staff, with implementation by or support from other staff.

    • Make disciplinary and termination decisions; terminations require approval by the Personnel Committee (an ad-hoc Board of Directors committee).

    • Oversee benefits administration, with implementation by or support from administrative staff.

    • Maintain job descriptions and personnel files for direct reports, with support from other staff.

    • Recommend/approve updates to personnel policies and procedures.

    • Oversee completion of the District’s annual report and annual work plan.

    • Oversee monthly staff reporting to the board on relevant topics responsive to the Board’s information needs.

    • Promote work-life balance, including paid time off, flexible schedules, and work from home + office/field.

    • Maintain a safe, positive, and collaborative work environment; foster a culture of mutual respect and support.


    • Oversee development of annual budgets for District operations in collaboration with the staff and Board Treasurer.

    • Work with program managers and staff to ensure that the budget is consistent with Board direction and identified strategic priorities.

    • Pursue grants that match identified strategic directions to improve financing for EMRCD.

    • Serve as a signatory on county invoicing (checks) and contracts as authorized by the Board of Directors.

    • Approve expenses incurred by direct reports.

    • Ensure fiscal controls are operating properly and that state contracting laws are followed.

    • Identify opportunities to leverage and conserve District financial resources.

    • Work with staff to ensure that the district is fiscally responsible and fully accountable.


    • Provide support, information, and recommendations to the Board of Directors, including providing non-partisan information to the board for their development of letters of support for legislation.

    • Provide orientation for new directors and associate directors.

    • Assist the board in determining which tasks or projects are best done by board members and which are better assigned to staff.

    • Identify board development and training opportunities.

    • Draft board agendas in collaboration with the Chair and staff.

    • Ensure board meetings are conducted in compliance with public meeting laws.

    • Track and implement board decisions.

    • Co-coordinate board diversification and succession planning with the Board of Directors.

    • Serve as a liaison between advisory committees and the Board of Directors (EMRCD does not have these- yet).

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent transferable skills in public administration, non-profit management, environmental policy and management, business administration, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, are one of the physical sciences. Transferable skills are any skills gained through education, work experience (including military) or life experiences that are relevant for this position.

  • Skills in budget development, preparation, and maintenance.

  • One to seven (1-7) years experience in:

    • Agriculture, with a preference for San Joaquin Valley, and some knowledge or experience in sustainable and or regenerative practices.

    • Organizational, financial, and personnel management, including direct supervision of staff.

  • Demonstrate ability to:

    • Interpret and implement statutes, regulations, policies, and laws relevant to the district (a property tax supported special district subject to public contracting laws, public meeting laws, local budget law, annual audits, regulatory reporting, etc.),

    • Make decisions with sound judgment, maturity, and integrity,

    • Exercise leadership, critical thinking, interpersonal and communication skills,

    • Effectively use MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, etc.) and access all relevant resources online,

    • Work with diverse groups and individuals to continue to build upon diversity and equity initiatives and practices within the organization,

    • Supervise with respect and support to create a workplace where staff thrive and appreciate their work, and

    • Communicate effectively, including making public presentations (e.g., to the legislature, at conferences and public meetings, etc.).

  • Must be proficient in English (oral and written) for effective communication with board members, staff, partners, and the public. Bilingual English/Spanish preferred.

  • Must be committed to the District’s work on diversity, equity, and inclusion, including utilizing tools such as an equity lens in decision-making.

  • Working knowledge of ecology, hydrology, soil, and air quality.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Familiarity and experience with the mission and work of soil and water conservation districts and other natural resource agencies and organizations.

  • Skills in developing strategic partnerships and managing complex projects to address working lands conservation, clean water, healthy soil, diverse habitat, and rural and urban conservation issues.

  • Knowledge of conservation-related grant opportunities, partnerships, and policy incentives.

  • Knowledge of California Department of Agriculture Guidelines for RCDs, 

  • Knowledge of California public meetings law (the Brown Act), California public contracting law, and California local budget law, Tier One:, LAFCO

  • Ability to inspire others to care about and participate in natural resource conservation.

  • Experience building organizational capacity and board development.

  • Knowledge of human resources issues, including state and federal employment-related mandates.

  • Program SMART goal development.


Other Requirements

To perform the duties of this position, the Executive Director must serve as an incidental motor vehicle operator. This may require the operation of a motor vehicle on both public and private roads during daylight hours and occasionally after dark, including inclement weather. A valid driver’s license is required. Mileage will be reimbursed if the Executive Director uses their personal vehicle for District business. The position requires travel throughout the District and occasional travel throughout the region or beyond for training and meetings. See also the “Physical Demands and Work Environment” section of this job description.


Performance of assigned duties is completed in accordance with established procedures. Procedures that cover the assigned work include District annual work plans, District policies and procedures, California Department of Agriculture Guidelines for RCDs, California public meetings law, California public contracting law, California local budget law, LAFCO and Tier One requirements. 


The Executive Director must work as an integral member of the district staff by coordinating and sharing information and resources with administrative and program staff and with board members as needed to accomplish the objectives that have been identified.


The Executive Director may be faced with complications, such as: conflicting guidelines and policies among federal, state, and local governing bodies; incompatible objectives among various user groups or even among internal programs and priorities; and demands for services or conservation actions that exceed District capacity and available resources.


The Executive Director must be versatile and skillful in responding to new and changing environmental conditions, regulatory requirements, and modifications to previously agreed-upon plans and conclusions.


The Executive Director must be willing and able to work with an elected Board of Directors who have a variety of perspectives.



The Executive Director reports to the five-member East Merced RCD Board of Directors. The Board Chair is the direct supervisor for the District Manager position. Regular contact is expected with the Chair and the Treasurer. 




The Executive Director will have an assigned desk and computer at the District office. The District has a telework policy that allows employees to work from home part-time, as determined on an individual basis. The District office is the primary workstation for this position, and is a smoke-free, drug-free, and scent-free environment. The position involves extensive computer and telephone work. It also involves travel to offices of partner organizations,  agencies and site visits to producers. Site visits may include some technical assistance work that will be outdoors in San Joaquin Valley weather, where temperatures can climb over 100 degrees.


Attendance at evening meetings is required. Occasional attendance at weekend events may be required. Occasional overnight travel to attend conferences and training may be required.


The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an expressed or implied contract and may be modified or revoked without notice.

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