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Links for Kids

list of educational materials and documents for kids

Materials and Links

Eeko World- A new PBS website teaches kids ages 6 to 9 how they can help take care of the earth. Animated characters use games and activities to present facts about ecosystems and pollution. Childrencan build their own "Eeko Creature” and help it overcome environmental problems.

Kids Planet - Species fact sheets, "wild games”, web of life, how kids can help defend the environment, even a Wildlife Adoption Center.

The Green Squad - This NRDC website shows how to identify and solve environmental problems. Explore a colorful virtual school room by room, and use the mouse to locate potential hazards. Site offers a wide range of fact sheets and environmental resources.

Climate Change Kids Site - This EPA site explains what climate change is and what causes it, and what you can do to help stop it. Educational but not overwhelming, the site provides definitions of each scientific term used and features simple global warming-themed games.

Roofus’ Solar Home - At this site, meet a dog named Roofus who’s an expert on solar energy and energy efficiency. As you visit different parts of Roofus’ energy smart house, you’ll find energy saving tips and simple experiments to help you understand how energy works.

Recycle City - Click on any section of Recycle City that you want to tour, or click on the Dumptown Game. You can create your own Recycle City scavenger hunt or go to the Activities area and see other ways you can explore Recycle City. A great way for kids to learn the basics of recycling.

EPA Student Center - Offers information on a wide range of environmental issues. This site includes a section on environmental careers. Or, click on "Fun Activities” to play environmental games.

Kids Saving Energy - Games, tips, facts and information for kids to learn how to save energy. Published by the US Department of Energy.

Children of the Earth - Promotes a greater understanding and respect for animals, plants, water, soil, air and energy systems. Helps children comprehend the positive and negative environmental effects of our actions.

Treetures - The "Treetures” are tiny guardians of the forest who teach about trees and how important they are to the environment. Try out tree-themed activities, listen to the Treeture theme song, or send a TreeMail message to your favorite character.

Earth Matters 4 Kids - Earth Matters correlates science with basic environmental principles, helping teachers, students (K-6) and community members gain a full understanding of how science works in natural surroundings, by bringing a virtual natural world into the classroom.

Natural Resources Management for Kids - A natural resource management guide for kids that touches upon many different aspects (energy, fossil fuels, forestry, air, water, etc) and has fun activities they really seemed to enjoy.


Reduce Reuse Recycle - If you click around, you can learn exactly what recycling is, how to recycle, and play fun games in the process. There are definitely fun ways to recycle. Check it out!


Tree Identification Guides - Follow this link for useful tree identification guides.


Saving Money & the Environment:  A Kids Guide to Recycling - Kids can be a great help when it comes to recycling.  This link provides some tips from U-Pack Moving.   


Green is More Than Paint Color - These days there are many alternatives to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Eco-friendly transportation is gaining in popularity, with hybrids, electric, and plug-in cars becoming more readily available than ever. Alternative fuels are also gaining ground-ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas, and biodiesel are all viable options. There are many choices available for the environmentally-conscious consumer, so read on to learn about the pros and cons of each.       

 How to Reduce Plastic Waste - Does your school generate mountains of plastic waste?  Read this article to learn how you can develop programs at your school that will dramatically reduce plastic waste.

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