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Volunteer Opportunities

Below are some of the continuous projects that we commonly need volunteers for. Learn more about our volunteer program in this official packet: 

EMRCD recognizes the need for environmental stewardship. We organize volunteers for some of our projects or for those who would like to dedicate their time to the community. We have a variety of projects and settings where you can get involved in local conservation. If you’re interested in fieldwork, office help, or supporting one of our workshops or projects, please fill out this form or click below, and we'll add you to our listserv and make an official call when an opportunity pops up.

Ecosystem Enhancement

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Ecosystem enhancement seeks to improve Merced River habitat by creating functional ecosystems. Volunteers remove invasive plants and plant native trees, shrubs and grasses that will benefit wildlife and create riparian buffer zones of vegetation.

River Clean Up

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River Cleanup activities are held throughout the year. Volunteers collect trash and debris from the channel and shores of the Merced River and perform trash surveys. On the water river cleanup in canoes and kayaks is one of the most popular volunteer activities.

Clean Water Team

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The Clean Water Team monitors the health of the Lower Merced River through water quality testing, collecting and studying aquatic insects (bio assessment), making visual observations of river conditions and habitat, and performing trash assessments.

Members of the Clean Water Team receive training in monitoring and assessment protocols and participate in regularly scheduled field days.

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