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Staff Members

EMRCD currently consists of 2 staff members who create and implement goals and projects for Merced County and surrounding communities. Check the Jobs page for any open positions with us. 

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Ursula Stock

Manager and Admin

I am interested in the resiliency and sustainability of ecosystems, both environmental and economical ones. Ecology teaches how everything is interconnected, and economics teaches about resource allocation.  Preserving and protecting healthy ecosystems in both the environment and economics supports resilience and sustainability for all life on Earth.  My professional background includes biology, teaching, business, food service and production. 

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Trevor Hutton

Irrigation Specialist

program information:

irrigation info:


Trevor Hutton grew up in Modesto, but spent the summers working on his family's sweet potato, peach, and almond farm in Livingston. After completing studies in music at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he ended up working for an ag biotech firm in the poultry industry for nine years before returning to the family farm in 2014. Trevor first became involved in issues surrounding environmental sustainability in college as a member of the UNC renewable energy special projects committee. In his spare time, Trevor enjoys live music performances, cooking, and playing board games. 

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New Fellow

GrizzlyCorps Fellow

Projects Assistant

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