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Merced River Cleanup

Cleanup below Cressey on Merced River with community members.

Merced River Cleanup
Gathering before trash pick up. PC: Jean Okuye.

March 14th was a sunny day along the Merced River below the Cressey village where about 40 people showed up to pick up the garbage left at a very popular access spot to Merced River. Jean Okuye (President of EMRCD) helped coordinate a Merced River cleanup with Adam of the Winton Vet of Foreign Wars (VFW). EMRCD has in the past organized a cleanup in this same location.

The kayaks were also used to collect trash including tires on the river. This year two EMRCD board members volunteered to join the group of volunteers.

Other key people involved in March 14th’s event included Audrey who lives near the Merced River and Dee who lives in Atwater and has been getting the county to help her with cleanup on the river. They both provided tools needed to make the event successful: the dumpster, bags, and pinchers to pick up trash. Two fire department people volunteered also, including Eric, the chief of the Ballico Fire Dept.

The cleanup day presented a positive collaboration of efforts to clean up the Merced River.

We look forward to partnering with others in taking care of our natural resources.


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