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Welcome To The East Merced Resource Conservation District

Here For Your Natural Resource Concerns



Merced County has nearly 1 million acres of agriculture land use. We provide services to farmers and ranchers to help ensure viable local agriculture while also working toward a sustainable balance with the environment.

Through the power of healthy soil and sustainable land practices, we support reducing and removing greenhouse gas emissions. We prepare the community, farmers, working lands, and wildlife habitats for resilience to extreme weather and engage them in carbon reductions.

By bringing together the community through education, we're able to prepare and intrigue the next generation into what a healthy relationship between people and the environment looks like.

Water access, quality, and shortages are a concern for everyone and everything in the SJV. We help ensure clean and reliable water in Merced County for residents, agriculture, industry, ecosystems and wildlife that share this valuable resource.  

The County of Merced is home to rich biological diversity and has over 141 rare, threatened, and endangered species. We support and facilitate wildlife rehabilitation projects. 

Sign Up for Workshops

Calling on farmers who may need credits or want to learn more about SJV opportunities and conservation practices. 

Throughout 2023, EMRCD typically hosts workshops early in the year to provide continuing education credits and information about grant funding. Stay tuned for new updates here (or on our newsletter) and learn how to register for the workshops. 

Free Irrigation Evaluations

WETA Irrigation Eval Flyer 2023.jpg

East Merced RCD along with East Stanislaus, and Madera/Chowchilla RCD’s are scheduling evaluations for the 2023 season from April through November. An irrigation specialist and intern will come to your property to assess your irrigation system and then prepare a full report including 10 point NRCS soils property test, inventory of wells, pumps and drives, review of irrigation system design and results of distribution and uniformity tests with recommendations for improving irrigation efficiency.

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The East Merced Resource Conservation District (EMRCD) encompasses approximately 190,840 acres, centrally located in the San Joaquin Valley. Our office is in the city of Merced, CA.

EMRCD has the opportunity to apply for grant funding to promote conservation practices in culturally diverse, historically underserved, socially disadvantaged communities. Please contact us  if you are interested and if you have suggestions for improving this aspect of our services.

EMRCD was formed on March 7, 1997, through the consolidation of five smaller districts; La Paloma RCD, Ballico RCD, El Nido RCD, Stevenson, RCD and Lone Tree RCD. EMRCD was created to develop and further ongoing programs to conserve natural resources in eastern Merced County.

We work with Central Valley landowners, State government agencies, and other local partners to share information and grant funding to promote and ensure best practices on working lands. Our purpose is to promote agricultural resiliency and preserve natural resources through these means in Merced County. Learn more about how we can help you. 

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